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                                                                                 Aims and Objectives

This was the first opportunity for all EMII Partners, Active and Supporting, to meet in the same environment.

The seminar aimed to:

  • enable partners to work together
  • inform the decision on the way forward for EMII
  • introduce new partners to the work of EMII
  • encourage further participation
  • share the results of EMII's first year
  • agree future approaches and strategies

The overall objective at the end of the Seminar was to ensure that EMII partners agreed on the priorities and the outline work programme for the coming year. Partners should also had the chance to consider the impact of EMII on their own organisation's work programme and budgets, thus were enabled to plan their further participation in EMII accordingly.

The Seminar also offered a networking opportunity to all:

  • Partners and their guests had the opportunity to meet senior EU officials and other special guests, and to hear their views on strategic issues relating to cultural heritage
  • EMII special guests had the opportunity to meet representatives of cultural heritage organisations from 17 European countries.
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EMII 2010 last updated: 03 July 2010