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The EMII Distributed Content Framework project (EMII-DCF) was funded by the European Commission's Information Society Technologies programme (IST) and co-ordinated by MDA. The project took place between March 2002 and November 2003.

Nowadays museums and other cultural institutions are increasingly making their collections available online. In an attempt to meet all the emerging needs arising from the ongoing digitisation enterprise of the cultural sector EMII-DCF positioned itself well enough to inform and assist cultural organisations and projects across Europe when involved in the digitisation of cultural heritage content.

The project uniquely drew together all the issues related to the use of technical standards as well as legal requirements in the digital environment. This covered key areas such as the management of digital rights including copyright and licensing agreements for the cultural heritage sector.

It is EMII's belief that the DCF makes a significant contribution to empower the cultural sector to manage and negotiate their rights when making digitised content available on the Internet.

You can the download the overview of the project and the EMII-DCF Framework.


Supported by the European Commission IST Programme Information Society Technologies


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