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Seminar Working Groups
September 21st 14:30 - 16:30

Three key potential areas for future work have been identified via the European Standards Survey results and during the EMII programme of meetings with active partners. The seminar Working Groups represent a unique opportunity for active and supporting partners and their guests to comment on and feed into these proposals.

The Working Groups are informal and participants are not required to prepare any materials in advance. Each group has both a Chair and Co-chair as detailed below and will commence with a brief 10-15 minute presentation on the topic. Please direct any specific queries regarding the structure and content directly to the appropriate Chair.

1. Collections Management Standards in Europe
Chair: Jeanne Hogenboom, Bureau IMC, Netherlands
Co-chair: Lilja Arnadottir, National Museum of Iceland
Presentation: Matthew Stiff, mda, UK
The EMII European Standards Survey has revealed that 4/10 active partners have a national collections management standard (data and or procedural). Should EMII facilitate the development of a European Collections Management Standard? If so, what should this incorporate? How should it be co-ordinated? In what format should it be distributed? And how should it relate to other cultural standards to facilitate resource discovery and interoperability?

Matthew Stiff's presentation will examine the United Kingdom model where a national standard exists and work is in progress to facilitate regional variations for England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.
2. EMII Information Gateway
Chair: Morten Lundbaek, Danish National Council of Museums
Co-chair: Bengt Wittgren, Swedish National Council for Cultural Affairs
Presentation: Bengt Wittgren, Swedish National Council for Cultural Affairs
Partners are unanimous in their support of the development of EMII as an internationally recognised resource for and about museum information management. The provision of information via the Internet is the obvious means of delivery. But what should the scope be? And how best should this be managed? Internet access will be available for this working group - participants may wish to forward details of any example gateway sites to Bengt Wittgren in advance for discussion during the working group.

Bengt Wittgren's presentation will describe how such a gateway could be managed for a distributed network of partners such as EMII.
3. EMII European Standards Survey
Chair: Isabel Cordeiro, Institute of Portuguese Museums
Co-chair: Elin Harriet Wyller, Norwegian Museums Authority
Presentation: Karien Beijers, Reinwardt Academie, Netherlands
The European Standards Survey is the tool by which we can assess the current availability and implementation of standards across Europe. Many partners are keen to see the survey developed into a recognised management resource, not only for the planning and management of information management but also as a business information tool. The growth in cultural tourism and the new emphasis on the learning agenda at national and EU level support the need for greater and more accurate information about European museums. Several partners already conduct a national survey. How can we capitalise on this experience and what should the EMII survey contain or not contain? Who should have access to the information? How regularly should it be updated?

Karien Beijers will present an analysis of the National Overview section of the European Standards Survey recently completed as part of her B.A thesis under the museology programme, Reinwardt Academie, Amsterdam School of the Arts.

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